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Nice to meet you! My name is Christian Camargo. I specialize in Sound Design for Video Games. On the side, I'm also a Composer. I graduated from VUSC (Vanguard University of Southern California) with a Bachelor's in Communications (Cinema Arts). It was not until my Junior Year that I realized I wanted to become a Sound Designer. My Professor (Mun Kang) gave me an assignment to do a Sound Redesign for the Pixar short "Paperman," (2012). Thanks to my Professor, he unlocked my passion for Sound Design. I'm also a horror fanatic. The Sound Design in Stanley Kubrick's, "The Shining," John Carpenter's, "The Thing" (1982), "Halloween" (1978), and Ridley Scott's, "Alien" (1979) play a part in my creativity as a Sound Designer. And yes, I enjoy horror games. My favorite horror games are Dead Space 2, Metroid Fusion, Resident Evil 4, and Silent Hill 2. You can also find me on Spotify where I host a Podcast called "Haunted Behind Design," where I chat with Game Developers, Voice Actors, and Content Creators.

Give me a shout at if you want to chat, Sound Design needs or if you want to talk about your favorite scary movie! (Scream Reference)

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