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Labyrinthine (PC) - Valko Games Studios

Sound Design, Voice-Over 

I was contracted to do some overhauling of monsters and creating gore effects. I recorded my voice in making weird sounds and processed them while layering different pitches of various performances. For creating gore, I used a Foley manipulation tool Reformer Pro by Krotos Audio that allows me to perform Foley work in real-time.
Ludum Dare Game Jam 48 - The Squeaky Affair

Sound Design, Voice-Over, Music

I collaborated with my friends Brian MacIntosh and Luke Frisbee who both did the programming for a puzzle, noir, mystery based game. We went with Unreal Engine 4 because we wanted to go outside our comfort zone from Unity3D. I recorded silly lines for the detectives and created custom SFX cues for each item asset that appears on the wall. I also composed an atmospheric music track with a tenor saxophone to give it that noir feel. In conclusion, as a non-programmer, I found myself loving Unreal's blueprint implementation feature. We were able to mix both C++ and blueprints for an efficient workflow for the 72 hour jam!
Scream Jam 2020 - Tainted Signal

Sound Design, Voice-Over

Since I am a horror fanatic, I wanted to get an opportunity to work on a horror game! I collaborated with Paz (Programming), Chem (3D Modeler), and Fadi Khoury (Composer). I wanted to use the Wwise and Unity3D integration feature because I wanted to allow our programmer to focus on game design and less time on audio implementation. This saved us a lot of time and allowed us to spend the last day of the jam polishing. My favorite part of the jam was creating screams for our wendigo monster. I also thought it will be a good idea to add musical cues every time a player picks up an item. I wanted to get my composer as involved as possible, but also add to the tone of the game. I also implemented Fadi's music using Wwise's Interactive Music function.
Ludum Dare Game Jam 46 - The Wrecker

Sound Design

Collaborated with my friend Brian MacIntosh in creating custom SFX while using the Wwise and Unity3D integration feature. This is the first project where I was able to get hands-on experience using Middleware and game engine experience. The biggest challenge we came across was Wwise was having trouble playing nicely with Unity's collab source control, which only synchronizes Unity's project data. Since it was a jam and time is a thing, our solution was to manually transfer the project. We still managed to create a polish game and get all sounds implemented just in time.
Ludum Dare Game Jam 47 - Ouroboros Paradox

Sound Design, Voice-Over

In collaborating with a team of 11, I learned that being able to communicate with different disciplines of game development is valuable. However, with a bigger team there were some SFX that did not make it into the final build. I mainly coordinated with James Mello who also did the sound design. I created Footsteps, Gunshots, Gun Foley, and player grunt sounds. James and I created a dedicated Trello board that allowed us to be organized on who does what on the sound design side. We gave each other feedback and made revisions if needed. The team decided to not use Middleware due to not having compatibility with Unity WebGL.

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